In matters of business, policy and defense, our extensive experience has uniquely equipped us to negotiate that delicate balance of ethics and realpolitik with an insider’s discernment to know when to push forward and when to restrain.

Business Intelligence

  • Customized research and analysis
  • Political risk assessments
  • Industry and competitor insights
  • Influence and relationship mapping

Litigation Support

  • Litigation strategy
  • Evidence development
  • Expert testimony
  • Asset tracing

Strategy Solutions

  • Business strategy and implementation
  • Custom data and tools
  • Due diligence and deal support
  • Communications and public affairs

Recent Success

Tracking Nation State Commercial Activity

A U.S. government agency engaged with us to provide in-depth, long-term research and analysis on policies, strategies and commercial activity of a foreign state. These efforts continue to support changes in U.S. policy and priorities.